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I love products, I can't get enough of them! However I have always suffered with oily skin and in my late 20's I have really had enough. I read an article in Elle magazine about detoxing for the skin and was intrigued. It sounds obvious however simplifying the products used every day could help. Dr  Terry Loong claimed that the use of moisturiser every day is causing the connection of our outer layer skin and deepest layer to become broken therefore our deepest layer is producing serum and our outer layer is still thinking it needs moisture resulting in an overload. So I decided to give this a go.

Week 1
The products suggested were a cleanser and a serum. I didn't go out and buy anything different to what I normally use so I could really compare results. During the first week my skin felt quite tight and dry.

Week 2
Although not as dry my skin feels a little tight every now and again. I have noticed I am a little less oily.

Dr XX claims that it will take 4 weeks to feel the full benefit therefore I will do a full review after 4 weeks.

TBC ......

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